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Saddle Trees


Our line of Baroque Saddles are built on our flexible Ultra-Flex Saddle tree, made out of high quality thermoplastic polymer (PPCP). The advantage of our Ultra-flex tree is, that although they are slightly flexible, they will not collapse underneath a rider's weight, while allowing the horse to move out freely. A great benefit of the Ultra-Flex tree is that it's also very light weight and most riders enjoy this benefit greatly. We take great pride in bringing you one of the best and most reliable flexible trees available on today's market. 


For riders over 200 lbs we also make a special tree, called PP10, it is reinforced alongside the seat area, to allow maximum stability and durability while still allowing flexibility on the areas of the tree that are relevant to the horses' movement.

Please note: PP10 trees are only available to special order.



Many models can be ordered with Leather trees as well. Our leather trees are real trees, not to be confused with a treeless saddle, as  they are handmade out of many layers of high quality vegetable tanned hides, sewn together to shape the form of a saddle tree. It would be incorrect to assume, that these are treeless. Leather tree saddles provide maximum comfort for horse and rider, and while leather takes a few weeks to "break in", it will provide the most true fit, close contact, and feel for the horse and rider out of all treed saddles. Please note that we do not recommend this type of tree for beginning or imbalanced riders, as the trees will also shape to the rider, and can then cause imbalances. It is solely recommended for the intermediate to advanced rider, who is seeking absolute refinement. Leather tree upgrade is not available for any of the El Campo models.  

Gullet Width


The Baroque Saddles are available with our continuously adjustable gullet system, which allows the rider to easily narrow or widen the width by as much as necessary, or fine tune the fit by just a fraction of an inch via an Allen Wrench, without ever having to take the saddle apart. This system is adjustable from K1-K5 (compare to narrow through extra-wide), which is comparable to the Sprenger Measuring System for Withers Size 6 through Size 2.

Seat Sizes


Our saddles are available in 4 different seat sizes (measured on the bare tree prior to being built)

S1  ≈ 16.5"  (compare to 15" Western or 16.5" English)
S2 ≈ 17.5"  (compare to 16" Western or 17.5" English)
S3 ≈ 18"     (compare to 17" Western or 18.5" English)

S4 ≈ 19"     (compare to 18" Western or 19.5" English)


Please note: S4 is a special order only, upcharge applies, and is not available on all models. 

Please note, that the finished seat size depends on the model and can variate slightly between different models. The seat size also depends on the type of gallery (front and back) you are choosing. When in doubt, contact one of our dealers to get the opportunity to sit in one of our saddles first before ordering. 


The panels of our Baroque saddles are being flocked individually for every horse.


Soft core inlay that helps to prevent wool flocking from balling up, increasing the longevity of the wool. Made out of high quality cellular rubber (approximately. 5 mm)



After the Inlay is attached inside of the panels, the panels are flocked with high quality synthetic wool. Flocking should be adjusted by a certified saddle fitter and needs to be maintained by customer on a regular basis.

You can choose between three different thicknesses of flocking:

• thin flocking  4 - 6cm  1.6" - 2.4"
• medium flocking  6 - 8cm 
2.4" - 3.1
• thick flocking  8 - 10cm 
3.1" - 4")

Velcro Panel


Some of our models are equipped with Velcro Panels (Model: 1067 Bueckeburger Schooling Saddle). This means, that the rider can place them where they need to be and move them if the saddle is used on multiple horses. This system allows the rider to correct the channel width properly. The Velcro panels allow for a very close contact and are not recommended for the beginning rider. 

Available panel thickness options are:

• E.V.A. 0.5" 

• E.V.A. 1" Standard

• E.V.A. 1" + 0.5" soft foam filling

• E.V.A. 1" + 1" soft foam filling

• E.V.A. 1" covered with real sheepskin 

E.V.A. = Ethylene-vinyl acetate

velcro panels
Chanel Width


A remarkable advantage to mention is that the panels are only attached in the front and back of the tree, to provide maximum comfort for the horse. To ease the pressure that is normally applied to the spine, the panels give slightly, so the spine doesn't have to. When panels are completely attached (sewn) from front to back, it would be the spine of the horse, that would have to give to pressure. This is not the case in our models. The horse can bend freely, damages to the spinal area of the horse are therefore eliminated. 

Note: the channel will slightly widen or narrow when using the Allen wrench adjustable fork system.

channel width

• narrow 4 cm ( 1.6")

• medium 6 cm ( 2.4") - Standard

• wide 8 cm ( 3.1")

Leather options


When we build your saddle, we are committed to using only the best vegetable tanned leather we can get our hands on. We are offering a large variety of colors to choose from, leaving you with only one question: which one is your favorite?  
The appearance of your saddle is greatly influenced by a combination of Saddle Leather (Smooth Leather) and Seat Leather (Nappa, Nubuck, or Aspen Leather). 





You can choose from three different types of leather when deciding on your seat leather. Nappa Leather is a soft, pebbled leather, with a lightly structured surface. Nubuck & Aspen Leather is of velvet-like feel with a suede-like structure on the surface, which helps tremendously with adherence. Special colors available upon request (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, pattern, etc.) - upcharge applies.



Genuine exotic leather as well as exotic prints are only available upon request in various styles and colors. (e. G. Stingray, Alligator, Ostrich, Elephant)


To individualize your DP saddle, we offer a wide variety of border tooling to

choose from. Design your saddle the way you've always wanted it to look!

Please note: Not all Tooling options are possible on all saddles.

Tooling options











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