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How to:

Take  photos of your saddle


Often times, we receive email requests, asking us for guidance in selecting the proper saddle. While we absolutely love that you found us and are interested in purchasing a DP Saddle, we will often ask lots of questions back, to make sure we can give good guidance during a photo evaluation. And in order to do so, you can help us - and ultimately your horse - the best by sending good photos for saddle fit evaluation. Please carefully read the instructions below, because photos are often
the only connection we have to you, when helping you find a good fitting saddle for your horse, without
being able to be physically present with you (we do recommend a DP Dealer to come help you, if not
possible, we will of course work with you from headquarters as well). It is very important that you help us
by taking these photos exactly as described below. Take your time, ask a friend for assistance, as it’s nearly
impossible to get this right alone.

Ask a friend for help

We can't stress this enough, as it's nearly impossible to get it done by yourself. Keeping your horses' legs squared while keeping the neck in a straight and natural position AND taking photos is nearly impossible, so grab a friend and ask them to assist you. Hang out with your friend afterwards and praise them often. Dinner on you?

Your horse should stand square, on flat, level ground. Square means, the pair of legs (front and back) stand neatly next to each other, there isn’t one leg further forward than the other). Take your time with this, it will work with patience. If you cannot get all four legs to square up, please insist on the front pair to square up at a minimum.

Have your friend hold your horse's head in a neutral position, not too high, not too low. Make sure to instruct your friend not the allow the horse to turn its head left or right, but to monitor the neck to stay as straight as possible. Watch your horse in the field, does he naturally have a higher neck or more of a lower neck position? Try to find the most neutral neck position for your horses body type and breed.

If mane hair over the withers is particularly long and is obstructing the view over shoulders and withers, please use rubber bands and braid it from the withers up to keep it out of the way. This is also an important step for us to determine shoulder angles, muscular structure and asymmetry issues. We love seeing pretty horses with long mane, but we really need to see the scapula and wither here.

When everything is in place, step back from the horse and start taking photos from:

- 1 profile (entire side) photo per side, showing head, tail and hooves
- 1 photo of each side standing near the rump of the horse, taking a photo of the withers
- 1 photo, taken from a mounting block behind the tail looking down on the back shows us the lateral shape and often reveals symmetry problems

(Note: only do so if you’re confident your horse is not going to hurt you! Do NOT attempt this on a horse that you don’t know!)


You're almost done! ​

Email your photos to

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