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Repair form

Please download the form, fill it out and place it in the shipping box with your saddle.

  • Pack the saddle well packaged in a sturdy box

  • Add a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt or warranty card)

  • In case of a warranty claim, DP Saddlery will reimburse the shipping costs (Standard rate only, base price, no Express or other options are covered). Please keep your receipt, if your case is determined to be a Warranty case by us, we will request this receipt from you and reimburse you.

  • Please clean your saddle before you send it, otherwise a cleaning fee may be applied ($75)

  • Price quotes can only be provided free of cost if the repair is actually carried out, otherwise a $30 free will be charged

Please note!


* Saddle will be shipped back after balance has been paid in full.

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