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For the production of our saddles we use only high quality vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is distinguished between skirting leather (can be tooled) and rolled saddle leather (can NOT be tooled).

Rolled sadddle leather

is equipped with oils and waxes. This shows a noble looking, even surface. Possible colors: HB2, African, Black

Natural Product



Rinderhaut Kopie.png

"We are proud, that our leather shows natural features!"

Leather is a natural product. There is no hide, which has a uniform marbling on the entire surface. Leather structure also differs throughout a single hide. Harmful plastics that would make these natural features disappear are not used in our leather (Natural / Chestnut / Havanna). That's why the leather will always retain its natural character. For us, that's just the beauty and value of natural materials.




Skirting Leather

products are truly unique - as well as an irregular grain, the abrasion of dyes is not a product defect, but a guarantee of the authenticity of the leather and tanning. In our leather, these individual features are not hidden under a plastic top layer - however, the open surface makes our leather more sensitive to discoloration and abrasion. But you get an authentic natural product without risks to your health and also protect the environment. Possible colors: Natural, Chestnut, Havanna, Black



Please note: For a very special look, we can finish the leather * of your saddle with an antique finish. An antique finish creates a beautiful patina and emphasizes the characteristics and grain of the leather, or emphasizes the tooling and carving. The antique finish is applied to the surface of the leather. As a result, of course, it first rubs off at heavily used areas. This should be considered when choosing a saddle with Antique Finish. *only possible with Western leather (Natural, Chestnut, Havanna), additional charge

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