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DP Saddlery LP is one of the most sought after and respected brands in the industry. In considering new Dealers and Saddle Fitters, we look to develop long term business partnerships with professionals that share our values of:

  1. Safety: The safe performance of our products and the safe operation of our workplace is a minimum requirement for all that we do.

  2. Customers: The loyalty of our customers depends upon our ability to provide them with superior products, excellent service and our personal attention. If we don't take care of them, someone else will

  3. People: Our success as a company is built upon our belief in people and their horses and our commitment to treat each individual with dignity and respect

  4. Accountability: Our Dealers accept responsibility for the success of the company 

  5. Vision: Long-term success guides our actions, decisions and planning

  6. Sustainability: Our financial success is measured by earnings growth

  7. Partners / Shared Values: We seek partnerships with businesses that share our values

  8. Integrity: As a company and as individuals we are good citizens in our communities, we are professional in our actions, and we conduct our business in an ethical fashion

If you feel you or your company shares these values, please complete the following questionnaire. We will contact you shortly after we have reviewed your submission to discuss the prospect of working together.

Click on a button below to begin your application:

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