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Leather Care


Correct storage

Leather ist a natural product and it reacts to enviromental impacts.

Therefore please store your saddle on a suitable saddle stand in a dry, cool and dark place. The saddle should be stored separate from the barn.




Please clean your smooth leather regularly with a damp sponge and a compatable saddle soap/treatment to remove dirt and perspiration remnants.

Nubuck and split leather can be cleaned with a crepe/nubuck brush or a nubuck leather eraser.



In order to preserve the vegetable tanned leather in substance and quality, please care for your saddle's smooth leather on a regular basis by applying a thin layer of leather treatment after cleaning upon need.

DP Saddlery

Please note!


Leather treatment products should only ever be applied on the smooth outer part of your saddle. Roughout leather absorbs a lot more of oil-based leather care products than the smooth leather side. Therefore please treat roughout leather very sparingly.

Generally go by the principle: only as much as necessary - as little as possible.


During cleaning and treatment leave out all split and nubuck surfaces including the areas bordering smooth leather. 

Light natural colored saddles can darken over time due to usage of leather care products and natural environmental changes.

Warranty claims can only be honored if the saddle has been appropriately used, stored and cared for.

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