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Shannon Olson

Shannon Olson


My name is Shannon Olson and I am a DP Dealer with a lifelong passion for teaching and helping horses and people. I have taught riding students, trained horses, fitted saddles for many years now and also raise my own Andalusian and Morgan horses for the Art of Dressage. I began importing and fitting saddles when I found the local tack stores just did not have saddles to fit my horses or position the rider correctly. I began gathering ergonomic tack first for my own horses, and then it was only natural to offer these wonderful resources to others. I only carry saddles that I have tested and approved myself and look for high quality saddles that correctly position the rider and offer versatility and flexibility in fit. I do not recommend only one brand of saddle because it is the only one I carry, so you can know that I am steering you to a saddle because I feel it is the best fit for your needs. I have years of experience working with and fitting the various breeds and their body types as well as working and showing in various disciplines. Treeless saddles are also a specialty for me, so I can help you with the special concerns for fitting these and deciding if they are appropriate for you and your horse. With their quality saddles, flexible carbon fiber trees, adjustable gullet system and even the Starrekk Treeless line, DP was an easy choice for a line of saddles I wanted to carry. This company alone has a saddle for almost every purpose! I have successfully fit clients for Dressage, Western Dressage, Trail, Endurance, Working Equitation and more, many of them with hard to fit horses. I will take the time to listen to your needs and help you wade through the options and get the very best saddle for you.

(360) 624 4666

Vader, WA 98593, USA

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