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3250DL Faro DL

3250DL Faro DL

SKU: 3250DL

Tree: Ultra-Flex tree

Gullet: Interchangeable

Seat size: 17", 17.5”, 18”, 18.5”

Saddle leather: Cognac, Africano, Oak, Black          

Seat leather: Cognac, Africano, Oak, Black

Hardware: Stainless steel

Stitching Colors: White, Black, Gray, Blue, Brown, Cognac, Beige

Piping Colors: White, Black, Gray, Blue, Brown, Cognac, Beige

Panels: Soft Touch Panels

Individual Features: Velcro knee blocks (adjustable to fit), quilted Soft Knee Area, V-Billets


Individual all-rounder: The Faro DL saddle model was developed to meet the broadest possible range of requirements: for dressage lessons, in working equitation as well as for trail riding use. In order to be individually equipped for all these requirements, the Faro DL was equipped with a variable Velcro knee block. The Velcro block is attached under the saddle flap. Thanks to the Velcro underside, the knee rolls can be placed exactly where they are needed. The rider himself can easily place the knee rolls to a position of their liking, so multiple riders are no longer a problem - the knee block always gives as much hold as is needed. The Faro DL has wide saddle panels that are connected to the saddle flap on both sides (bound cushions). This creates a wide contact surface, which enables relaxed and comfortable riding for horse and rider thanks to optimal pressure distribution. The generous soft knee area is covered with soft upholstery leather and has an elegant quilting as standard.

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