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1205 Lisboa

1205 Lisboa

SKU: 1205

When developing this saddle, we took our inspiration from the traditional Portuguesa saddle. This traditional saddle, which originated in Portugal and whose design has only changed little over the centuries, is comfortable for horse and rider. We have maintained the style and design of these Portuguese saddles, but improved the saddle with our lightweight UltraFlex tree and the adjustable gullet to achieve a modern version. Traditionally, the Portuguesa saddle was used in bullfighting, among other things, but the Lisboa also offers the rider many advantages outside of the arena. It features a deep seat and high front and rear galleries that give the rider a secure feeling in the saddle. Above all, the large rear gallery, which reaches up to the rider's thigh, optimally supports the rider in dynamic manoeuvres. Wide, soft panels with a large contact area and good pressure distribution ensure optimum comfort and freedom of movement for the horse. For the perfect Lusitano look, the saddle offers the option of attaching a Xairel. High-quality materials, decorative seams and craftsmanship with great attention to detail make this saddle very special - for friends of Portuguese horses, all vertical riders and those who prefer a secure seat.



Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree
Gullet: Continously adjustable gullet width
Seat size: S1, S2, S3
Saddle leather: Natural, Chestnut, Havanna, African, Black 

Seat leather:

  • Nappa or Nubuck - colors: sand, cognac, brown, black
  • Aspen - colors: tobacco, rattan, blackberry, black
  • Special colors available (upcharge applies)

Hardware: brass, stainless steel

Weight: approximately 18.5 lbs.
Saddle length: approximately 21 inches
Length of flap: approximately 18 inches

Specials:  soft knee area, tooling possible (upcharge), wool flocked baroque panels (standard) or Velcro panels

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