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1084 Quantum with Dressage Flap

1084 Quantum with Dressage Flap

SKU: 1084

*Price in photo may vary*


Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree
Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width
Seat size: S1, S2, S3
Saddle leather: Natural, Chestnut, HB2, Havanna, African, Black

Seat leather:

  • Nappa or Nubuck - colors: sand, cognac, brown, black
  • Aspen - colors: tobacco, rattan, blackberry, black
  • Special colors available (upcharge applies)

Hardware: brass, stainless steel
Weight: approximately 17.5 lbs
Saddle length: approximately 20 inches
Length of flap: approximately 23.5 inches


Our Quantum Dressage is a comfortable Trail, Hobby and Light Dressage Saddle with wool flocked panels, nice shoulder clearance, and most importantly: our Ultra-Flex Tree that's adjustable via Allen wrench. Especially interesting for people looking for a lighter yet supportive saddle, with Ultra-Padding on the seat for maximum rider comfort. All this while the wool flocked panels provide maximum stability and comfort for your horse. Dressage Flaps can be removed to transform the saddle into a trail saddle. Leathers & stirrups are sold separately.

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