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SF50 Soft Feel Baroque Hackamore

SF50 Soft Feel Baroque Hackamore


Extra soft padding,
Anatomically shaped crown band


Size: TB, WB
Color smooth leather: Natural, Chestnut, HB2, Havanna, African, Black


  • Nappa or Nubuck - colors: sand, cognac, brown, black
  • Aspen - colors: tobacco, rattan, blackberry, black
  • Special colors available (upcharge applies)

Stitching colors: white, beige, gray, brown, black, red, cognac
Hardware:brass, stainless steel


This  new bitless headstall is well suited for a classical riding, seeking refinement, but doesn't want to use a bit. The shanks of this Hackamore provide leverage, with the pressure of this leverage being kindly distributed between it's softly padded, wide noseband and anatomically shaped and softly padded crown band. This item ships with headstall and shanks installed. Also available in brass.

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