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Zalea Impuls

Zalea Impuls

SKU: CH6252

Made by Christ Lammfelle in Germany, this wonderful sheepskin cover protects your entire Impuls saddle from scratches and wear and tear, it keeps you cozy during cold months and cools you in the heat of summer. Medically tanned sheepskin is used to provide you with a high quality grade sheepskin, which you can wash in washer and tumble dry in  your dryer (use our C7 sheepskin shampoo).


Available colors:

Natural, Anthracite, Brown


We do have a limited quantity in stock, but usually they are custom made to order to fit your Impuls seat size and specific measurements. Due to the many variations of styles, options, flap lenghts, etc. it's impossible to keep one of all in stock. Order yours now and enjoy it for years to come and protect your saddle investment.

*Price is for Sheepskin cover only without saddle


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